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Track Income

Do you know if your business is doing well this year? How about compared to last year? If you are like a lot of small businesses, your only reference to how much money you have made is from your checking account and your tax returns. gives you an easy to use tool to track the income for your business. You will always know exactly where you stand, income-wise, at any given time. And you can even compare to last year to see how your business has grown.

Track Expenses

Income is money coming in, but what about the money going out? Keeping precise records of your business expenses is the key to keeping a business alive and well. Using will save you, and your tax preparer, a lot of time during the tax season by providing all of your business expenses to you, in a concise, easy to read report. You can even export the data to excel for easy sorting.

NOTE: It is still important to keep copies of the receipts. And we suggest that you talk to a tax professional to determine which expenses are tax-deductable.

Track Mileage

Tracking the miles that you drive is one of the most overlooked tax deductions that you can have for a business. It is very important to keep records of the date that you drove, the miles driven, and the purpose of the trip. gives you several options to tracking miles. If you have entered your address in your profile page, you can enter the address of your destination, and we will calculate the miles for you. Or you can track by entering your odometer readings at the beginning and ending of your trip. Or, if you know, just enter the number of miles driven.

It's that simple.


The reports offered by are simple and easy to read. Each of the sections offers a complete list of transactions of that you have entered, with a variety of options to choose from to customize the report to fit your needs. And at year-end, we offer a few options for reporting your tax year.

At, we listen to you. If you have a need for a special report, or you are just not getting the kind of report that you need, please contact us at with the details of what you would like to see, and we will do our best to get the report that you need.


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