What is the purpose of ConsultantHelper.com?
The main purpose of the site is to give the Home-based Party Consultant a place to easily track all of their income and expenses to be used for tax preparation. ConsultantHelper.com was started as a result of a conservation with a Home-based Party Consultant who tracked all of her expenses and income in spreadsheets. She mentioned that it would be really helpful if she had a better way of keeping all of this information in one place, that she could access from anywhere.
What is a Home-based Party Consultant?
It is any home-based business where your primary source of income is by having people host parties in their home and you are there in order to sell them your product. And, hopefully, get leads for additional home parties. There are several companies that work under this format: Tupperware, MaryKay, PartyLite, Tastefully Simple, etc. These are just a few.
I am not a Party Consultant, can I still use this site to track my income and expenses?
Absolutely! However, we must be honest, there will be aspects of this site that would not pertain to you. There are several places where we tied things to Shows. Income, for example, can be assigned to one or more shows where the income was received.
Where do I find my 'referral code'?
You can find your unique referral code on the 'My Profile' page. It will be listed right above of your User Name.
Why would I use this site, when there are so many other options available?
That is a good question. There are definitely a lot of different options available to tracking income and expenses. There are spreadsheets, out of the box Financial software, even free web sites. With spreadsheets, however, you have to set everything up yourself. And you will only be able to access it as long as you have the spreadsheet with you. With ConsultantHelper.com, we have set everything up in an easy-to-use format and it can be accessed from any computer that has internet access. With Financial software, the problem tends to be that it is either too complicated, too expensive, or too generic. ConsultantHelper.com was specifically designed for the Home-based Party Consultant. And free websites are great, however, the same problem exist. They tend to be too generic or, worse yet, it is really just a con to get you to buy an upgrade to their 'Premium' service and some other money-maker scheme. With ConsultantHelper.com, we will never try to up-sell you to another service. In fact, other than the few logo items in our 'Store', we will never try to sell you anything else. Just a nominal monthly fee. And that fee will never go up. No matter how many enhancements we add to the site.
Speaking of enhancements, are you open to suggestions for this site?
Absolutely!!!! If there is something on this site that you think could work a little better, or help you with your business, please feel free to send us the suggestion. While we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented. We can guarantee that each suggestion will be evaluated and given serious consideration. You may email your ideas to suggestions@consultanthelper.com